LED Sign Vs. Neon Sign: Which is Better for Business Signage?

LED Sign Vs. Neon Sign: Which is Better for Business Signage?

Business signage is one of the most competitive POSM materials widely used indoor and outdoor. Among various types of business signage, LED and neon signs are two popular illuminated types. Most marketers are amazed by the unique aesthetic among LED and neon signs but seldom know their difference. This article will analyze the features of LED sign vs. Neon sign, helping you to choose the most suitable business signage for your business.

What is LED Sign?
LED sign is solid-state lighting that using point light sources. It combines various colors of LED lamps with acrylic boards. Generally, LED sign as new and popular business signage is placed to catch the audiences' eyes. It can always work as a silent salesperson to lure customers into the store while it stands and guides customers to make a purchase.

What is Neon Sign?
Neon sign is an illuminated sign constructed from fluorescent lights in the form of bent glass tubes. The working principle of the neon sign is gaseous discharge to emit light. Its light is sourced from the cold and extremely high piezoelectric ionizing gas, which emits different colors by filling the different gas in the tube. As the first generation of outdoor pub signs, the neon sign showed as a store's business card. Customers can find out the products on sale from the hanging neon sign. Neon sign plays an indispensable role in POSM marketing for the beverage.

What is the Difference Between LED Sign and Neon Sign?
Having introduced the LED and neon signs, we now know their working principle and their applications. And now, let's analyze the difference between them from four points:

LED Sign vs. Neon Sign by Energy Efficiency
When discussing energy efficiency, the working principles and composing materials should not be ignored. The light source of the LED sign is LED lamp with thousands of small light-emitting modules.

As a light-emitting diode, the LED lamp's light-emitting principle is semiconductor technology. It is the direct conversion of electrical energy into light energy to improve the utilization of current. But a neon sign that uses inert gas is an original luminous type. There were higher requirements for power supply in the past because this type causes a larger energy consumption. But now, neon sign has innovated in technology, and the power consumption is not so huge.

LED Sign vs. Neon Sign by Security
Lower voltage and less heat emitted are the most significant advantages of LED lights. Inside of LED signs, LED lamp generates less heat than the glass tube used in neon sign even if it continues to be used for a long time. When a lighted LED sign needs to be moved, it is touchable, which makes it safer in operation. The neon sign might easily break in the past because of the larger heat emitted inside the tube. However, with the upgraded gas filling technology and new material application, the neon signs are safe to show in the crowd under the proper operation.

LED Sign vs. Neon Sign by Transportation
Packing ways need to be considered according to the size and the material of the item. LED sign is easier to be packed and transported for its smaller luminous parts of LED lamps. In the meanwhile, neon sign is blended wire-tube-shaped with a larger size. The most important is that the glass body is fragile, so it should be packed tight to avoid being cracked by collision. So if you want to order ideal LED signs or neon signs, a professional POSM producer is important. It has experience in design and transportation while helps to solve this problem. IDEAL SIGN is such a professional enterprise that can support customers with ideal POSM marketing solutions and products.

LED Sign vs. Neon Sign by Cost
The price is a significant point in comparing same style products. The luminous area, the complexity of the pattern, the frame materials will affect the cost. IDEAL SIGN has the experience of designing and producing suitable signs for many famous brands worldwide. You definitely can get the satisfying products at the most competitive price here.

There is no absolute choice for which is better since they both have their advantages. You can find that the LED sign has the benefits of long service time, energy-saving, environment friendly, and it plays a really important role in the illuminated sign of advertising.

At the same time, neon sign is adored by its outstanding performance in showing products and brand marketing. Its colorful lights can always catch audiences' eyes at the first sign.

If you are looking for suitable business signage for your brand, IDEAL SIGN is your ideal choice. As a professional POS advertising designer and producer with more than 15 years of experience, IDEAL SIGN can offer you the best POSM marketing solution.

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