Case D X shape resin display

Case D X shape resin display


1. Firstly, the X shape resin display comes from the idea that our customers want to show their products and enhance the brand awareness;



2. Secondly, we offer different designs according to customers' needs.We discussed the feasibility, made a sketch, and provided a 3D effect.



3. Further discuss the details: enhance the effect of crack and blur, etc., and choose the most suitable materials to highlight the concept of ice;



4. After many discussions with the customer, we settled on all the details and began to make the sample.



Bottle stand are great tools to capture the attention of patrons at clubs, bars and restaurants.The look of this LED bottle glorifier is like a piece of frozen ice and it can light up your bottle and your brand. It is designed to make people easily connect the feelings of fresh and cool with your brand.