POS Advertising Designer and Producer for Alcohol and Drinks - Ideal Sign

Who we are & What we do

Founded in 2007, Ideal Sign is focusing in the field of POS materials. Mainly of our clients are related to alcohol and drinks. Our main products include Slim Light Sign, Outdoor Illuminated Pub Sign, Liquor Bottle Display, Advertising chalkboard, Ice Bucket, Wine packaging & rack and other kinds of bar related products. We help our clients to fulfill their promotional request and increasing their brand values. We source ideas, analyze technical possibilities, make relevant designs, control productions and cargo transportations as well.
We have offices in China Guangzhou and HK, and have more than 100 stable associated manufacturers, some of them have SEDEX 4-Pillar audit.Most of our products are exported to European and American countries. Some outstanding clients including Coca Cola, Heineken, Budweiser, Schweppes, Pernod Richard, Campari etc.

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