Indoor and Outdoor Signage: Which One is More Important for Your Brand

Indoor and Outdoor Signage: Which One is More Important for Your Brand

If you are a brand owner and want to put every dollar where it counts – and that includes spending on visual merchandising. With such a wide variety of pub signage available, it can be tricky sometimes to know where to direct your budget. And right off the bat, it is critical to say that neither of indoor and outdoor signage is more or less valuable. In this post, you will see their main differences consist of indoor and outdoor signage's goals, the mentality of the outdoor/indoor audience, and accessibility. So, let's get started.

Both the great indoor and outdoor pub signs presented a unique advertising effect in general. You certainly wouldn't think of getting any of the indoor and outdoor signage to meet both sides of these environment set requirements. It is best to work on them separately, and only if possible is it perfect to have them work together. Here are some factors to decide whether your brand needs to budget for indoor and outdoor signage.
  1. Differences in Goals

Outdoor pub sign typically aims to attract the attention of your target audience. It lures them in and provokes them with a response. It is mainly used to inform the target audience of your business, brand, services, and products. The intention is to send a message to the target audience for a quick and straightforward observation. While the indoor target audience's principal goals differ from the outdoor one, the outdoor promotional sign's function can be different from the indoor business sign as well.

Said supplement aside, the indoor signage solution can be of value to convey more personal and specific information. For example, advertising boards or an outdoor display may tell your target audience that your business sells the best wine in the city. Meanwhile, the indoor display speaks to the drinker with precise information about specific products. It also can show audiences the price, features, and more or create a glamour atmosphere. While it should be equally clear and quick in providing information, pub signage is more efficient to work on the audience indoors than outdoors.

  1. Differences in Hardware
Indoor and outdoor signage can come in different shapes and sizes. It can be tiny as a tablet or as big as a billboard. This noticeable difference in size aside, there are other distinctions in hardware elements which stand out when observing indoor and outdoor pub sign.

Compared with indoor pub signs, the requirement of outdoor pub signage pattern can be easier to satisfied. Outside, you don’t need to balance the environment or the atmosphere. While you have a more stable condition provided by the inside environment, you don't need to adjust the brightness or protect them from unexpected exterior damage. Meanwhile, when you choose the pub signage, any similar factors that you can't control the weather or malicious people considerably influence your hardware choices outside.
  1. Target Audience Differences
Outdoor pub signage is ubiquitous to encounter in the street. In fact, everyone must encounter any outdoor pub signage once when walking on the street. With that in mind, the outdoor pub signage will complete with competitor displays, alongside the noise and distracting district. And it is the outdoor display's task to snatch the target audience's attention and keep their attention long enough to deliver the message.

Compared with the outdoor condition, the audience wasn't just stumbled upon your display. Instead, they are already interested in the products you have as they walk inside. In this regard, you can proceed with a more targeted and direct content strategy with the indoor display.
  1. Differences in Accessibility
Compared with the outdoor display, the indoor pub sign has more interactive capabilities. As we said, your target audience tends to appear on a more direct level indoors. Ordering, browsing, entertainment can be prevalent in those places. Interactive can make things more personal. And that's what makes it a perfect match with the indoors. Besides, as aforementioned, the outdoor audience has different expectations than the indoor one. That's why outdoor displays mainly use interaction as a way to get attention.

While goals, your audience, your strategy can be very different in both environments, it is equally important between indoor and outdoor pub signs. If you still have queries regarding the differences between indoor and outdoor signage, contact IDEAL SIGN today. IDEAL SIGN is always the premier POS advertising designer and producer around the world. In this regard, IDEAL SIGN provides all kinds of indoor/outdoor pub signs such as liquor bottle display, led ice buckets, bar top bottle openers, advertising boards, wine packing and racks, and bar accessories. All the products of IDEAL SIGN can be customized to meet your specification.