Era of LED Neon

Era of LED Neon

      In the most beginning, the neon letter signs appeared in people's field of vision in the form of a glass tube at the first time; This traditional glass neon has been the mainstay  of commercial lighting for decades, providing a reach vibrant source of light for commercial building and signs, However, despite its attractive features it has numerous drawbacks, including the large amount energy it requires, the extremely high voltage power supplies, and being hand drawn glass it is extremely fragile.

    Traditional neon signs use toxic gases like argon and mercury, which will slowly leak out, so sometimes you can see that flicker or partially burned-out. When using for a long time, the tubes will get hot and it is difficult to clean and finally they will become less bright. This means eventually you need to replace the gases or buy a new one. Also in speak of the package, traditional neon signs make from glass so they are fragile and take up more spaces, which increase the difficulty in packing.

     Fortunately, with the led tech development, the appearance of LED neon flexes /signs solve these problems.

     To replace the real neon sign, people have been working out many different methods.

     Led neon flex is absolutely a great substitute; it can be shaped and bent by anyone without the need for a special tools or skills. And it is now widely used at indoor and outdoor buildings for decoration.

For commercial and brand POS signage, we have developed several variations to replace the Real neon.

        Vacuuming forming the letters and logos is one of the methods, to make the logo raised out a little to imitate the neon effect; this is very suitable for those designs that don’t request the background to be hollowed out. Small MOQ and low molding cost make it feasible to small quantity request.

         And the other option is to using PVC injected material to make the out case, the black edge of the letters or logos can be very slim, so makes it more like neon. The set up cost is not high and also small quantity like 100 to 200pcs can be handled well.

        When quantity reaches to over 1000 or more, we could also offer led neon solutions by opening the plastic injection case to minimize the man handcraft cost, thus to gain a quite competitive price and meanwhile very stable in brightness as well as the other 2 options.

         All these options are quite mature in technology and have been widely used by our customers all over the world! These LED neon signs are low power consumption and it is safe and cool to touch. It’s environmental protective. When they are eventually thrown away, the toxic gases in traditional neon sign are easy to contaminate our ground soil, but led neon signs will not. And it’s easy to transport without a heavy package like glass neon do. Finally, it’s more durable and has a much longer lifespan than glass neon.

No matter how we still love the glass neon world, with the continuous LED technology development, the Eva of the LED neon is coming,