Different Types of Custom Light Box and How to Choose One

Different Types of Custom Light Box and How to Choose One

Advertising is all about presenting yourself distinctively from the herd. Anything that can help you achieve this objective is a fair game. Product quality, consumer perception of the brand, and innovative advertising allow you to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Custom light boxes have been trendy in that regard, which helps you uniquely advertise your product or message.

In general, the custom light box could be regarded as any translucent surface in which lighting is used to display the shape with high contrast. In custom light boxes, you can design boxes of various sizes, shapes, and compositions to suit your own needs. Custom light boxes can be classified into various categories, including luminous light boxes and non-luminous pub sign. Let's explore this categorization.
  1. Luminous outdoor light box:
These light boxes are efficient in advertising your product or message to many audiences by grabbing maximum attention. A combination of vivid colors that distinguish these custom lighted bar signs from others is the primary reason behind their popularity. If you want to impress your customers with the changing color patterns, luminous light boxes can be an excellent fit for you. The visibility of your advertisement will remain high all over the day as all the passersby are likely to look at it constantly. It is the best fit for businesses having a high advertisement budget.
  1. Non-luminous outdoor Sign:
Non-luminous outdoor signs are designed without having any internal light in them. It could be a pocket-friendly option for you if you are on a tight budget. It is best for businesses that work on a specific schedule. Some areas do not allow for illuminated light boxes, so using non-illuminating devices is the only way to go there.

Similarly, indoor custom light boxes are also divided into various categories based on the type of advertisement you want to do. If you are looking to promote your brand within a closed infrastructure, e.g., hotel lobby, city hall, etc., indoor light boxes are your need. Let’s explore a bit about these types as well.
  1. Luminous Indoor light box:
Indoor light boxes are for the audience and the customers who are present within your business facility. Just like the outdoor advertisement, luminous indoor light boxes are focused on the in-built illumination of the devices that has the power to grab the customer's attention. Luminous indoor light boxes come in various shapes and sizes. You can hang them on walls or put them anywhere within the building, including desks and ground. Custom LED bar sign is the classic example of the luminous light boxes, which come in various predefined shapes that can help you advertise your message or product in a captivating way. The shapes of the light boxes can change based on what you want to promote to your audience. For instance, you can use the bottle shape to promote some drinkable product or an indoor billboard for other purposes.

You can also customize these slim light signs that enable you to craft a distinctive piece. Apart from that, the fake neon signs are also a promising way of advertisement in which different shapes are created with the help of neon light with the changing color patterns to attract more eyes.

     2.Non-luminous Indoor Sign:
Non-luminous indoor signs are a pocket-friendly way for an advertisement within your business facility. These types of pub sign can be placed both on the grounds and desks. Due to the absence of lighting facilities within these devices, you don’t need to worry about their maintenance. So, most of the time, all of its cost is upfront. In the indoor advertisement, these non-luminous custom pub signs are likely to grab more attention than outdoor non-luminous advertisements because of the closed environment. You can put these non-luminous indoor signs strategically to enhance your marketing efforts.

Before deciding, make a list of what you want in a custom light box to make a correct decision. Consider the following things before finalizing your decision:
  1. Need of the light:
If your audience is driven by lighting advertisement, you must consider luminous light boxes for maximum efficiency. Apart from that, analyze the data and see if you can generate more revenue than investment by spending on the luminous light boxes; you should go for them.
  1. Budget:
Budget constraints need to be addressed in all businesses. So, if you have ample budget for advertising, you should go for luminous light boxes. However, if you are tight on budget and want to experiment with things, non-luminous advertisement is your way to go.

Use the advertisements which are optimizing your business to the maximum possible extent.

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