5 Ways to Improve Point-Of-Sale Material Usage and Effectiveness

5 Ways to Improve Point-Of-Sale Material Usage and Effectiveness

No company wants to overproduce Point-of-Sale material when starting new Point-of-Sale advertising. In today's modern eco-conscious and cost-conscious society, even with the finest efforts, inefficient is a reality for many companies in modern marketing.
To eliminate waste and create Point-of-Sale (PoS) material that resonates with your target audience, POSM advertising designer and producer must refine their approach to creating and distributing efficient Point-of-Sale promotional material.
This article will show you five methods to use Point-of-Sale (PoS) material to increase the efficacy of your marketing and avoid wastage. Let us find out below.


What is Point-Of-Sale Material?
Point-of-Sale material, short for PoS material, is the advertising technique that helps brands boost sales in various locations such as bar, the shopping mall, or grocery. The use of Point-of-Sale material is aim at conveying product information to the consumers at the point of sale. Indoor/outdoor lighted sign, menu holder, chalkboard, are all Point-of-Sale material designs available.

5 Ways to Improve Point-Of-Sale Material Usage and Effectiveness
  1. Set clear campaign remits
Set clear campaign remits is the very first step to execute an effective Point-of-Sale material campaign. This step includes determining the volume of Point-of-Sale material that needs to be produced and what kind of Point-of-Sale material is needed.
You might search for a POSM one-stop service that can help manage the production process from start to finish through a centralized platform. In addition, Point-of-Sale material designer and producer can provide you with exactly the needed assets, which is much more efficient for a marketer than do it alone.
  1. Create a core campaign theme and message
Point-of-Sale materials can be applied to different locations where you wish to run a campaign. Yet, a well-designed Point-of-Sale material can be translated across markets. Even when the campaign is finished, you can still translate it to other campaigns. So, next time when creating a core campaign theme and message, you can adjust to see if Point-of-Sale material is applicable for the cross-market campaign.

Point-of-Sale material designer and producer know it and can centralize your PoS marketing strategy to increase the flexibility of your project. They can even customize the Point-of-Sale material based on different marketing tactics. In this way, not only the material effectiveness is increased, but the marketing outcome is guaranteed.
  1. Make it easy to work collaboratively
With the formation of the ideas completed at the creation and planning stages, you need to move your PoS marketing project to the next level - the execution.

To execute the PoS marketing strategy, a Point-of-Sale material marketer needs to record how the PoS materials are used, making them accessible to all those involved. The Point-of-Sale material manufacturers usually create a brief on what materials are used and how many numbers of them are available. And for this purpose, it can effectively avoid material wastage and material from being underused.

  1. Track what works well and what missed the mark
One main reason that PoS material is being wasted is that brands aren’t completely assessing the performance of each asset within a marketing campaign. To solve this problem, a marketer should understand which materials are used correctly, so any approaches that didn't deliver the marketing purpose can be adjusted effectively.
  1. Make the feedback process a two-way conversation
As stated earlier, the execution throughout the whole process should optimize the usages of the material and count how many of them are being used effectively, making a feedback and bridge the conversation to adjust the plan during the campaign roll-out. This also helps save costs without jeopardizing the success of the campaign.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best techniques and tactics for POS marketing is the easiest path to boost your sales and customer satisfaction.
IDEAL SIGN can minimize POS material wastage by enabling marketers to adapt and buy the exact materials they require. We at IDEAL SIGN help manage the production process from start to end through our centralized production chain. Contact us today to learn more about how our company can help you improve results while decreasing waste.